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PH Hickey P
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PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P PH Hickey P

PH Hickey P

  • $ 2399

Modeled after the legendary Zoom WEC Hicky Crankbait, The PH Customs Hickey P Crankbait is the ultimate flatside finesse crankbait.  When the water cools and the shad move back to the bank, grab the Hickey P and hold on.  This circuit board billed balsa crankbait was designed to run 2-4 ft and erratically deflect off laydowns, stumps, or boulders without getting snagged as easily as plastic crankbaits.  The PH Custom Hickey P Flatside Crankbait produces a fast, tight, wobbling action, but it also puts off an immense amount of vibration for its small size.

Although this bait will shine in the fall months, it can be used year-round to target bass in the shallows.  Offered in a variety of hand-painted color schemes, you will be able to match any forage necessary.  Similar to any of the products in the PH Custom’s line, the Hickey P Flatside Crankbait is made with only the finest components and put through a strenuous tank-testing program before ever making it to the angler.

When conditions are tough and you need that one extra bite to cash a check or power your through the final day of the tournament, look to PH Custom Lures to provide you with products that will give the fish a different look than the run-of-the-mill mass produced crankbait. The PH Custom Hickey P Flatside Crankbait is a must have for any angler who appreciates the importance of being different from the crowd.

2.5" 3/8oz 2-4ft