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PH Vs. Old School

PH Custom Lures and Old School Baits are both made in Phil's Shop in Connersville, Indiana.  The lures are all hand made with meticulous craftsmanship built with top quality components.  The 2 lines share many similarities, but still have many differences when it comes to components and the labor processes during building.  The differences between the two lines are as follows:

Build & Components....


Both lines are constructed of Select Premium grade Balsa wood.


Both lines are hand painted with the same high quality lacquer paints, however, the PH line has many more color combinations designed for every situation possible. Every bait constructed in Phil's shop is hand painted with Airbrush by Phil himself.

Clear Coat:

On PH Custom Lures baits, the clear coat with special UV inhibitors is brushed on and then the lures are turned on a wheel for 24 hours to ensure the smoothest finish possible.  Old School Baits are dipped in clear coat and the finish is not as thick as on the PH line.

Lip Components:

All PH Custom Lures come with top quality circuit board lips. The Old School Line utilizes premium Polycarbonate lips except on the Strader Signature series, which also comes with Circuit board lips.


PH Custom Baits come standard with top-of-the-line VMC Vanadium Black Nickel Hooks. The Old School Line also comes with VMC hooks, however, they are a more middle of the road hook.  Don't be fooled though, as the hooks that come with the Old School baits are still a superior hook to other baits on the market.


Every PH Custom Lures bait is casted and retrieved prior to leaving the shop and all tuning is completed prior to packaging.  Every PH bait is guaranteed to hunt left and right out of the box and no tuning will be required.

Old School Baits are not tuned prior to leaving the shop and some minor tuning may be required by the customer for optimal performance.

At Phil Hunt Custom lures, we take great pride in producing baits for both lure lines.  The PH line is much more labor intensive to produce and more expensive components are used in this line resulting in a higher price.  We feel sure that no matter what bait in our portfolios you choose, that you will be satisfied.  If you have any additional questions that are not answered above concerning the differences in the 2 lines, please feel free to contact us.