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Lowen's Rip Shad
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Lowen's Rip Shad Lowen's Rip Shad Lowen's Rip Shad Lowen's Rip Shad

Lowen's Rip Shad

  • $ 2399

Take a wakebait, a propbait, and a walking bait and combine all those proven fish catchers into one lure and you have the PH Custom Lures Lowen’s Rip Shad.  Designed in collaboration with BASS Elite Series Angler Bill Lowen, the Rip Shad is the perfect topwater presentation for bass that are schooling on shad, herring, shiners, or pond smelt.

The PH Custom Lures Rip Shad was designed to be reeled at a continuous pace across the surface of the water, as the bait is reeled it will roll from side-to-side like a standard wakebait while the double props at the tail-end of the bait squeak against one another and spit water.  This side-to-side action combined with spitting water imitate a nervous or wounded baitfish fleeing on the surface of the water, an action no bass cannot resist.  The PH Custom Lures Rip Shad is a versatile lure as it can also be used as a topwater walking bait.  When fished in a walk-walk-pause repeat fashion, the PH Custom Lures Rip Shad  will shine when fished around stationary cover such as brush, trees, laydowns, shear rock walls, bluffs, or docks.

PH Custom lures only produces top-of-the-line products that go through a tedious tank testing process before they ever make it into the hands of anglers.  There have been many innovations to topwater lures in the last several years, but the PH Customs Rip Shad is the unique culmination of many topwater greats and it is here to stay.

PH Customs  Length  Weight
 Lowen's Rip Shad 5" 1/2oz